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Lost Valley DAX Grace Amazing 3*D/2*M


2xJrGCH, 5th place 2011 AGS Nationals
(21 in class)

S: Lost Valley KW Daxus *S                                     D: ARMCH/GCH Hill Country's KW Bridges Burn 2*D/1*M

SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S                                           DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S

SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D E                         DD: Steele Ballew Lantanna *D
We are so pleased with Grace's udder, nice attachments, beautiful fore, great teats.  We are cannot wait to see what she does as she gets older!

Lost Valley ML Hallelujah 4*D/2*M


2xJrGCH, 1xJrBIS, 8xSrRGCH, 1xSrGCH

S: MCH Lost Valley Malachi +*S, +B                                   D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley TB Obie 3*D/1*M

SS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +S                                 DS: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo ++*S E, ++B

SD: Lost Valley Zinfandel 3*D (2xGCH)                                                 DD: Lost Valley Only Time Wil Tell 2*D

We are so in love with this beauty.  She has the total package of grace, beauty and milk.  We are so excited for her future!

Lost Valley PG Addison Road


S: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus +*S/+B         D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Chloe 4*D/3*M

SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S                                             DS: MCH Goodwood KW Weisbaden

SD: ARMCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*D/3*M                     DD: Lost Valley LA Toriaza 3*D/2*M
Love Addison's udder.  Smooth foreudder, lots of width, strong attachments.  She is a little lopsided but we are working on that.  She has not been shown yet but we hope to get her in the ring this year. 

Lost Valley C Kiwi


S: Lost Valley TB Cairo *S                                           D: Lost Valley ML Fiji

SS: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae Bo ++*S, ++ B E                           DS: MCH Lost Valley Malachi +*S, +B

SD:Goodwood Sisley *D/*M VG                                                    DD: Lost Valley JL Aruba

The longer I have this doe the more I appreciate her.  She's not my friendliest or most trusting doe but what she lacks in personality she makes up for with that gorgeous udder.  I adore this doe.  Contrary to her photo above she is long, level, deep and wide.  She has an amazingly snug capacious udder with great attachments both fore & rear, nice medial and  beautiful easily milkable teats.  I really love the foreudder on this doe it's smooth and widely attached.  I'm really working on her people skills and hope to show her soon.

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