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 Carolyn Mary Kowalik Dillon
March 14, 1945
February 5, 2013

Mom passed away unexpectedly at home with her family(2/5/13).  That morning was like any other, I peaked around the corner from my room said "Good Morning Momma" like I did every morning then took the dogs out.  I hadn't had a good night so I stayed in bed a little longer than usual that day.  She was doing what she did every day sitting at the kitchen table watching tv,  the Price Is Right.  As I(Audrey) passed her in the kitchen to go take my shower I placed a hand on her shoulder and told her she was a silly woman for having the heater on, she justs smiled at me.  Mom was always cold so she would sit at the kitchen table with her blanket wrapped around her and her stand heater on, watching tv.  That morning her heater read 77 degrees, so I chuckled and told her she was gonna make the air condition come on, since the thermostat was located a few feet from where she sat.  Little did I know that would be the last time I would see my mom alive.   I had barely got in the shower when Amy came running saying "I can't wake mom!"  I won't go through the details of what transpired for the next several hours but I will say that there is an emptiness in our house that can't be filled.  Mom was such a bundle of joy, always smiling full of life despite being confined to a wheelchair since 1999 from a stroke.  We cared for her 24/7, one of us was always with her throughout the day and night whether it be Amy, Shelby, William or myself.  Amy very rarely had a full nights rest as mom would get up several times a night to go potty or because of neuropothy in her legs and feet.  Amy would stay with her til she was ready to go back to bed.  Sometimes she would sit and sing to her.  Mom loved when her daughters would sit and sing to her when she was having a bad night.  Seems so strange not having the cell phone ring several times a night. 

The past several years we did all sorts of family things: picnics (quite often), coast trips(as many as we could), long drives, museums, etc.  Mom loved going anywhere that wasn't sitting at home.  It wasn't always easy toting her wheelchair in and out of the car or getting her in and out but we did it.  Mom had been telling us alot of stories from her childhood and her life the past year or two.  Some stories we had heard several times but we always listened as if we had never heard it before.  Mom loved going to church on Sunday and afterwards she enjoyed talking with all the ladies of the church, especially the pastors mom, then we would go grab a bite to eat.  Mom loved going to the coast she always said she felt so much better when we were there and that her back and legs didn't hurt her when we were at the coast.  We were blessed enough to be able to take her to the coast for several days right after Christmas.  She loved the house I had found.  We drove around a fancy neighborhood picking out houses we were gonna buy one day down there.  Mom loved her family very much and enjoyed every minute with us.       It is very hard not having her here with us (physically)as she was around us every day.  We miss her more than words could ever say.  We know she is in a better place with her Lord and Savior.  No more will she have to suffer the pains of this world.  She has been made whole again.   Life is short so make sure that you let your loved ones know how much you love them everyday because you never know when God may call them home.  


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