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Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S/+*B


S: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *+S/+*B                        D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Callisto  2*D/2*M E
SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S                                                                 DS: ARMCH Goodwood Tahoe +*S
(1RJrCH, 1xGCH, 1xRGCH) [sire to 3 MCH daughters]

SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*D/3*M                               DD: Goodwood Sisley *D/1*M VG
CC (as we call him) is every bit his daddy and granddaddy long and Kingwood red! We really like the structure on him, he's very level, with beautiful feet and legs and verydairy.  CC has a mellow temperment that we like to see on our boys.  We are so pleased with his kids, he consistently throws long stretchy kids with bowling ball escutcheons and beautiful dairy wedges. We took CC out to a show this past year.  He let us quickly know that showing wasn't his thing.  My mellow gentleman quickly put the brakes on all 4's and refused to go.  So instead of dragging him against his will, we decided he would just come home and live out his days without a show career and make beautiful babies. CC has pleased us so much with his daughters that are just gorgeous with lovely mammaries.  He has alredy qualified for his +S in both registries status with at least 4 or 5 starred daughters and has several finished offspring.  We simply adore our old man..

Lost Valley ML Toby Mac *+S/*+B (Reference)


S: MCH Lost Valley Malachi  ++*S/++B                                      D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Lacey 2*D/2*M
(09 National Best Udder)
SS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +*S/+B                                  DS: Lost Pines Prince +*S

SD: Lost Valley Zinfandel 3*D                                                                          DD: Goodwood Sisley *D/1*M

We realized that we hadn't kept back a Malachi son so when this pretty boy hit the ground we knew we had to keep him. . His dam was the 2009 National Best Udder with 9 freshenings. His babies have been flat out gorgeous! Long level bodies, smoothly blended.  We simply love his daughters.  His littermate Colby was the 2014 Premier Sire at the ADGA Nationals!  Congrats Jill Whomble! We kept several daughters and a son from Toby and finally decided he would move on to his forever home with our wonderful friend Deb Wood.  He will live out his days in the Seldom Herd nigerian herd and I know that Deb is very happy about that. He couldn't have gone on to a better home and although we miss our silly boy we are happy that she will have the chance to use him.

Lost Valley LG Neeko *S/*B


1xGCH, 1x RGCH

S: MCH/GCH Lost Valley DAX Legend *S/+B            D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D/3*M
                                                                                                     2009 Reserve National Champion

SS: Lost Valley KW Daxus *S                                                      DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S

SD: Lost Pines Texarkana 3*D                                                    DD: Lost Valley LA Toriaza 3*D/2*M
I absolutley love this buck he is very powerful and very dairy a lovely blended combination.  Once long ago a judge said that a buck should look like a man and feel like a woman.  If there ever was a buck that fit that bill it would be Neeko.  He is very long and level and masculine and yet has thin dairy skin, open ribbing, and dairy elegence.  Neeko is an absolute replica of his beautiful dam and I can't wait to start seeing his daughters freshen.   We have been very pleased with his daughters so far and we are looking forward to more.  Since the passing of Nala, Neeko is even that much more special to us.

Lost Valley RP Miles *S/*B


S: Lost Valley TM RelentlsPursuit *S/*B                                            D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Lacey 2*D/2*M
(09 National Best Udder)
SS:Lost Valley ML Toby Mac *S                                                                                  DS: Lost Pines Prince +*S

SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Z Mai Tai  4*D/3*M                                                   DD: Goodwood Sisley *D/1*M

Miles is dairy, long, and sweet to boot.  We can't wait for him to mature.  He is Lacey's final gift to us at 13 yrs of age.  We couldn't be happier.  We hope he carries on his dam's legacy of dairy character.

MCH Creek Bottom Z Harbor Master


S: MCH/GCH Hill Country BB Zydeco +S/+B                     D: MCH/CH Lost Valley LG Andromeda

SS: Steele Ballew Blue Bayou +S                                                         DS: MCH/CH Lost Valley DAX Legend *+S/+B

SD: MCH Goodwood Carmen                                                                 DD: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Cassiopeia 4*D/4*M
 Really excited about this buck.  He is out of Zydeco who has sired many extremely nice kids and several champions in the Creek Bottom herd.  Harbor  is dairy, sharp and angular. He's my goober boy but I love him to pieces, his first set of kids were stunning I think he will be a busy boy here!                                                            

Lost Valley C Jojo *S/*B


S: Lost Valley TB Cairo +*S                                           D: MCH/GCH Lost Valley CC Tatiana 4*D/1*M

SS: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae Bo ++*S, ++ B E                             DS: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S, +B

SD:Goodwood Sisley *D/*M VG                                                     DD: Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D
Jojo is a perfect combination of two of our best lines.  We really like this guy.  He isn't a huge buck but he is dairy, open, angular and has a sweet temperment.  We are very pleased with his kids so far.  Can't wait to see udders from him. 

Lost Valley FB Moses *S

3/14/15  Blue eyes

S: Lost Valley ML Fabian *S                                        D: ARMCH/GCH Hill Country's KW Bridges Burn  2*D/1*M
                                                                                                             2009 National Champion

SS: Lost Valley Malachi ++*S/++B                                                DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S

SD: MCH/GCH  Lost Valley KW Cassiopeia *D/1*M                 DD: CH Steele Ballew Lantanna *D

We love Moses these are the best pictures that we have of him so far because this is how Moses is ALWAYS!  Sweet as he can be he wants to be where mommy is always (did I say always?)  He got sick as a baby and we thought he wasn't going to survive but he made it through and we can't wait to use him.  He combines some of our favorite lines.  He is dairy yet masculine.  He is open and angular.  We look forward to some really nice kids out of him.

Lost Valley PG Hot Pursuit *S/*B


S: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus +*S/ +B               D: Lost Valley ML Hallelujah 4*D/2*M

SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S                                                      DS: MCH Lost Valley Malachi  +*S/+B

SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*D/3*M                   DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost ValleyTB Obie 3*D/*M
I absolutely love the look of Hot Pursuit, he's very stylish, deep bodied & long.  Ideally I would like to get him in a show ring but I'm not sure that is gonna happen.  He's probably my least friendly buck, good thing his positive attributes are so very nice. His first kids are on the ground and they are super nice.

Lost Valley TM Michael Tait *S/*B


S: Lost Valley ML Toby Mac *S/*B                                     D: MCH/CH Lost Valley CC Kenzi 6*D/1*M

SS: Lost Valley Malachi +*S/+B                                                            DS: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns  +*S/+*B

SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Lacey 2*D/2*M                                   DD: Lost ValleyTB Halo 5*D
Tate is a cutie, he is dairy, open and angular.  We repeated this breeding and kept Tait and his littermate sister out of this same.  His first kids are on the ground and they are GORGEOUS!! So very happy with the consistency we are seeing in his offspring!

Addison was lopsided in this pic but she still has a very nice udder with good attachment

Lost Valley CC Hawk Nelson *S/*B


S: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S/+*B                      D: Lost Valley PG Addison Road 5*D/4*M
SS: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *S/+B                                 DS: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *S/+B

SD:ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D/2*M                                 DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Chloe 4*D/3*M
  '08 National Champion, '10 Reserve National Champion
Hawk is very long and level.  Kingwood RED since he's heavily line bred on Kingwood.  We expect good things from this guy.  Love this boy.

Bayou Country SH Red Roux


S: Lost Valley TB Sledgehammer *S                                 D: MCH/CH Lost Valley PG Sweet Pea
SS: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae Bo ++*S/++B                                          DS: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *S/+B

SD: Lost Valley LA Toriaza 4*D                                                              DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley ML Mathilda 3*D/3*M EEEE90
We were super excited when Mitzi got Sledgehammer, he's a blend of one of our favorite crosses.  When she bred Sledge to Sweet Pea we knew we had to have a son of this breeding. This has been a fabulous cross that has proved itself time and again.  We are forever thankful to Mitzi for letting us get this little guy, he's sweet as they comel. He's going to be a small boy so he probably won't be used until October but we are so excited to have him working here in the herd.  He's not loose in the elbow, I snapped this picture after he had just bent down to scratch and didn't get him fully up yet.

Bayou Country CG Gavriel *S


S: MCH/CH Lost Valley CC Courageous *S/*B                   D:  Lost Valley TB Halo 5*D
SS: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegusus +*S/+*B                               DS: MCH Lost Valley Tae Bo ++ *S/++B

SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D/3*M (EX 90.6)               DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D/3*M (EX 90.6)
We are over the moon excited about this guy!  Just look at that pedigree a double up on Nala out of our beloved Halo, this is a very close breeding to that of MCH/GCH Lost Valley CC Kenzi 6*D/1*M...ooooo and he's so handsome! Photo coming soon!

Lost Valley LG Kings Ransom *S/*B


S: MCH/CH Lost Valley DAX Legend *+S/*+B                   D:  ARMCH Lost Valley Treasure 3*D/2*M
SS: Lost Valley KW Daxus +*S/+*B                                                       DS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm ++*S/++*B

SD: Lost Pines Texarkana 3*D                                                               DD: Hill Country's Shatarr  2*D/1*M 
Thank you, Thank you Deb Wood for letting us get Ransom back.  He's such a handsome dude minus his goofy ear (hematoma?).  We are so thrilled to have a Treasure son working in the herd again.  Treasure was one of our favorite does, and such a gorgeous doe she was.  Can't wait to see what kind of kids Ransom will throw for us here!

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